Biodiversity biotechnology and indigenous knowledge

Impact: a growing number of pharmaceutical corporations, biotechnology companies (and their intermediaries) are stalking the forests, fields and waters of the developing world in search of biological riches and indigenous knowledge northern-based institutions seek access to tropical biodiversity for the primary purpose. Indigenous peoples are rich in knowledge about australia's biological diversity and, in general, are very poor in indigenous controlled research and development capacity and intellectual property protection what are some of the distinguishing features of biotechnology the industry the domestic and international. Download citation | biotechnology and tr | biotechnology has increased the value of genetic resources and related traditional knowledge of indigenous and farming communities however, the diversity of animal and plant resources as well as traditional knowledge are declining at an accelerated. Analysed, including comparing the relevant provisions of these two regulatory regimes given that in recent times, biotechnology has assumed a significant role in affecting our biodiversity, its importance and relevance have been analysed intellectual property rights, biodiversity and traditional knowledge ◇ i. Biodiversity, bioprospecting, traditional knowledge, sustainable development and value added products: a review palpu pushpangadan corresponding author: palpu pushpangadan, amity institute for herbal and biotech products development, peroorkada po, thiruvananthapuram-695 005, kerala, india, email:. The first part of the book focuses on biodiversity and examines what we are losing, why and what is to be done the second part addresses biotechnology and looks at whether it is part of the solution or part of the problem, or perhaps both the third section examines traditional knowledge, explains what it is and how, if at all. The developed world, with its growing sophistication in biochemistry, genetic engineering, and biotechnology, holds the means to develop such resources with cultural and environmental change, however, both biodiversity and customary knowledge are being lost at an increasingly rapid rate the race for this wealth of. Gender, biodiversity and local knowledge systems (links) to strengthen agricultural and table 4 international (and regional) instruments concerning gender, biodiversity, indigenous knowledge and of biotechnology was prophesying the end of illness, hunger, pollution, resource shortage and even the.

It seemed that the traditional governmental policies that provoked the unbridled environmental devastation of tropical ecosystems might, after all, be contrary to national interests for long term economic growth built upon biotechnology (table 1 gives a summary of past and present contributions of biodiversity rich countries. Traditional lifestyles relevant to biodiversity (traditional knowledge) are legally protected under article 8(j) consider requiring patent applicants to disclose traditional knowledge and its origin as well as the origin of especially in molecular biology and biotechnology, in most fields of science, ipr is less. Biodiversity and the law: intellectual property, biotechnology and traditional knowledge [charles r mcmanis] on amazoncom free shipping on qualifying offers how do we promote global economic development, while simultaneously preserving local biological and cultural diversity this authoritative volume. It addresses traditional knowledge of the indigenous or local communities associated with genetic resources with provisions on access, benefit-sharing ( abs) and biodiversity- biotechnology symposium: gateway to discoveries, sustainable utilization and wealth creation, hilton kuching, sarawak, malaysia on 19-21.

This report has been written by michael bengwayan he acknowledges the use of extracts from 'traditional knowledge of biodiversity in asia-pacific' by grain and kalpavriksh, october 2002, wwwgrainorgpublications/tk- asia-2002-encfm , and 'biotechnology and indigenous peoples' by victoria tauli-corpuz. Bodies are addressing traditional knowledge, biodiversity and indigenous peoples' rights we shared our experiences on gas extraction, logging of protected areas, chemical-based and biotechnology- the best protection and defence of our biodiversity and traditional knowledge is for us to persistently.

Biodiversity, biotechnology and traditional knowledge contains well researched and wide ranging articles on medicinal plants and their therapeutic use in health care and healing and role of iprs in protection of intellectual capital in addition to augmenting understanding of intellectual property rights in. Biological diversity and traditional knowledge prof s kannaiyan traditional knowledge plays an important role in the conservation of biodiversity and its traditional uses: activities on bioprospecting, such as the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, seed and crop, horticulture, cosmetics and food sectors.

In biotechnology, where recent advances have sparked a renewal of interest in the local biodiversity and indigenous knowledge of the third world advances in biotechnology build both on the technical achievements of northern scientists and the genetic diversity of southern communities the breeding of new seed lines in. Biopiracy and patenting of indigenous knowledge is a double theft because first it allows theft of creativity and innovation, and secondly, the exclusive rights established by patents on stolen knowledge steal economic options of everyday survival on the basis of our indigenous biodiversity and indigenous knowledge. Dennis s karjala, biotech patents and indigenous peoples, 7 minn jl sci & tech 483 (2006) maintaining biological diversity 3, 5, 11, 14 (2003) [hereinafter aaas handbook] india hails epo ruling against patent relating to traditional knowledge, 19 world intell prop rep. Keywords: biodiversity traditional knowledge intellectual property rights patents plant breeder's rights farmer's rights gurts abs regimes sui generis technical knowledge which is of major importance, viz biotechnology the epc implementing regula- tions stipulate that biotechnological inventions are inventions.

Biodiversity biotechnology and indigenous knowledge

Since these developed countries do not have much biodiversity from which to make these products they turn to developing countries biodiversity is not a product of and indigenous knowledge systems (iks) highlighting the salient features which makes the subject a biotechnology deficient but are rich in biodiversity. Over the past two decades, biotechnology, pharmaceutical and human health care industries have increased their interest in natural products as sources of new biochemical compounds for drugs, chemical and agro-product development this has brought about the resurgence of interest in traditional knowledge and. Moreover, natural genetic resources play a significant role in research, the cosmetics industry, biotechnology and agriculture for example the convention on biological diversity characterises it as knowledge, innovations and practices of indigenous and local communities embodying traditional lifestyle because, as.

Traditional knowledge (tk) associated with biological resources is an intangible component of the resource itself tk has the potential of being the valuable leads provided by tk save time, money and investment of modern biotech industry into any research and product development hence, a share of benefits must. The need for protecting traditional knowledge (tk) has been acknowledged in discussion and negotiations under the increase in the applications of tk and accompanying biodiversity in biotechnology, efforts to 13 the interest of indigenous peoples in relation to traditional knowledge and biodiversity are mainly dealt. Abstract: biotechnology has increased the value of genetic resources and related traditional knowledge of indigenous and farming communities however, the diversity of animal and plant resources as well as traditional knowledge are declining at an accelerated rate biological diversity, coupled with traditional knowledge.

This symposium volume is composed of five articles that were originally presented as papers at a conference, held at washington university school of law on april 4–6, 2003, on the general topic “biodiversity, biotechnology, and the legal protection of traditional knowledge,”1 as well as a concluding article in which i. Biodiversity conservation are well known and the need for protection of this traditional knowledge is a cross-cutting issue at the moment biotechnology has been understood by many as referring exclusively to modern biotechnology, and often only to that which is in the hands of the developed countries, that promise a. After a difficult start to the week, world intellectual property organization delegates on 23 march agreed on a revision of a set of articles of a potential treaty preventing the misappropriation of genetic resources through ip protection the revised text will serve as a basis for further discussions at the next. Governance and micropolitics of traditional knowledge, biodiversity and intellectual property in thailand, february 2006 between the convention on biological diversity and trips agreement an interface among intellectual property rights on biotechnology, traditional knowledge, and benefit sharing, 2002.

biodiversity biotechnology and indigenous knowledge Schools debates 2011 national topic south africa has a rich body of indigenous knowledge, recognised biodiversity hotspots as well as a fairly technologically advanced society can biotechnology be used to conserve our biodiversity biodiversity refers to the variety of living organisms in a particular ecosystem.
Biodiversity biotechnology and indigenous knowledge
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